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Winter Foot Care and Maintenance


Regarding proper foot care, ensure that your shoes or boots fit well. In case they are too tight, they can lead to ingrown toenails or blisters and when they are lost in your toe part but are still causing blisters, try using pads to make a barrier between your foot and the shoe or boot. If by any chance you get a blister, apply antiseptic cream and bandages. If the blister persists, consult your podiatrist right away. If you are investing in a brand pair of winter shoes, attempt to go shopping at night as for that time your feet are already swollen. This will be certain that you have adequate room for your feet no matter what time of day it is. Ensure you wear bunions waterproof shoes or boots on those rainy days to avoid a wet, warm environment for fungus to develop. Rotate the shoes you wear many times to give them time fully dry out which assists prevent fungal growth. It is suitable to wear thick, roomy, 100% cotton socks. Because this will assist your feet to breathe and allow the perspiration dry out. From time to time change your socks especially when they become heavily soiled. Try to wear slippers or socks when in the house to maintain debris from injuring your feet.


Many times begin the winter months off by being dry and having excess dead skin because of wearing sandals and light material shoes throughout the summer. When your feet are forced to get too soft too quickly. Injury can happen. Smoothing and exfoliating feet ought to take one to two weeks. To efficiently smoothen feet, commence by gently filing or pumicing feet when they are dry. Regardless of the situation do not remove corns or calluses by yourself. Always permit a podiatrist to be in charge of these.


Carry on by soaking them in warm water, do not use it, with bath salts or moisturizing such as Vaseline or cocoa butter after that cover your feet with plastic wrap, this as well assists with severely cracked heels. If heels cracked a lot they begin bleeding, apply antiseptic cream and bandages immediately. In case these cracks do not heal fairly faster consult your podiatrist immediately. Eventually, put on a pair of socks to ensure the plastic wrap and lotion in position. Know about plantar fasciitis support here!


Remember to be careful with your feet. Do not think they will soften that time. Therefore, give them time. To get more ideas on where to find the best foot care tips, go to