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Foot Care - Best Practices


Our feet are very important to us. Not only do they serve the purpose of locomotion but also enable us to carry out different chores in our lives. It is therefore very important to ensure that we give our feet great care so as to keep them always well and working. This is because feet can be affected by different problems which may cause paid that can eventually lead to deformity. Foot care is hence an important subject since it encompassed different aspects of preventing feet diseases and deformities.


Bunions are the most common cases of feet problems facing different people. What are bunions? Well bunions are bony swellings that develop at the base of the big toe of a human being. They mostly affect women and can cause serious pains especially when walking. Sometimes they can develop without any pains being felt in the initial stages. However, if not corrected in time, bunion can lead to deformities of toes.


Another common cause of foot problems is plantar fasciitis. This is a problem affecting the plantar fascia of the heel which is the ligament that connects the heel and the toes. If strained over a long period of time, the plantar fascia gets irritated and swollen leading to pain. Plantar fasciitis is known to mainly affect middle aged people though young ones who take part in activities that keep them on their feet for a long time are also prone to this condition.


So, how well can one take care of their feet in order to avoid feet pains such as those mentioned above? First of all it is important to wear the right size of socks and shoes. Bunions for instance can be caused by wearing shoes that press on the big toe because of not being the right size for the wearer. Secondly, resting your feet after moderate feet exercise is advised. Thirdly, alternate your feet wear so as to avoid infections which may also lead to other feet problems. To read more on the importance of knowing how to take care of your feet, check out


In case you already have been affected by either bunions or plantar fasciitis, there are several corrective measures that you can undertake. One of them is the use of plantar fasciitis socks which help in correcting plantar fasciitis slowly and over a certain duration of time. There are other plantar fasciitis supports that can be used in place of socks though they are used in very severe cases. For bunions, one can use to separators such as gel toe separator which reduce the pushing of the big toe on the other toes.